Submission Form

If you'd like to submit an anime or manga to the database, you can either fill out the form below, or message the Queer Anime Database's email, But first, there are a few ground rules as to what you can or can't submit. This isn't to say we won't make exceptions for some of these rules, this is just a general idea of what we will or won't be allowing into the database. Please don't be afraid to contact us if you have any questions about these guidelines.

  1. No yaoi. That doesn't mean I won't be allowing BL anime and manga into the database. Although yaoi is BL, BL is not always yaoi.
  2. No hentai. Anime and manga that is strictly pornographic is prohibited.
  3. Media with characters that are tokenized and/or queerbaited.
  4. No representation in the form of headcanons -- you are welcome to interpret media however you like, but the representation has to be either implicit or explicit, not based off of a headcanon.
  5. This database focuses mostly on Japanese anime and manga, but anime and manga from other Asian countries are allowed to be submitted.

We aren't accepting submissions at this time, but if you have any questions about the database or submissions, please contact us. Thank you.